4 Reasons Pinterest Can Help you Build your Brand

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By signing up for a Pinterest Business account you can:

1. Show your fans what inspires you or what you find interesting.
2. Drive traffic back to your other sites, like your web store, newsletter signup, or other social media (Facebook, twitter, etc).
3. Use analytics tools to track activity to find out how many people are Pinning from your website, seeing your Pins, and clicking your content.
4. Engage with fans that comment on your posts and build relationship which creates your fan base.

8 Ways to Get Free Music Promotion

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The best things in life are free especially to someone who is trying to break into the music industry. Promotion is a huge key to success and here are 8 ways to get free music promotion:

1. Add a Bands In Town app to your Facebook page
Bandsintown displays all of your upcoming gig dates in a nice-looking Facebook App and will raise awareness to those passing by your page.
2. Create a FanDistro project
FanDistro is great because you can help charities and reward fans. Create a project page and sending it out to your fans, each fan receives a unique link, which they can send to their friends. If their friends then share your music or buy any of your products, they are rewarded with free merchandise and 20% of the sales go to a charity in the fan’s name.
3. Build an App with BandApp
Bandapp is a free mobile app for your music/band.
4. Upload your video to video hosting sites using One Load
OneLoad saves you a lot of time and can help you get more exposure from your videos. It’s completely free and enables you to upload your video to 15+ video hosting sites, such as Vimeo, YouTube, Viddler, and MetaCafe, all in one click.
5. Get some free business cards and use them as download cards
Sites like Vistaprint offers free business cards. Use them as download cards by adding an URL link to a site where they can download your music.
6. Record a cover of a popular song & upload it to YouTube
You’ll be surprised how many new fans you’ll get.
7. Reward your fans & raise money using Pledge Music
PledgeMusic is great for simultaneously raising money for your release (or tour, or video) while developing loyalty with your existing fan base, by offering them cool experiences and gifts for ‘pledging’ on your campaign.
8. Use Bandpage to connect your music to multiple sites
BandPage allows you to connect to your Facebook, Google+, SoundCloud, Twitter, etc. all in one.

7 Music Business Blunders

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1. You don’t treat your gift as a business. Nothing is promised or given. You get what you put in. Think about who your target audience is and who’s going to buy your music? Develop a business plan and short term/ long term goals.

2. You sound like everyone else. Why would someone want to listen to your music. Whether you want to get signed by a major record label or go the independent route – Be Unique!

3. Not joining a Performing Rights Organization (PRO). You are leaving money on the table without joining a PRO. PRO’s collects money or “Performance Royalties” and funds the songwriter or copyright holder. Three PRO’s in the US are ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. For digital royalties, join SoundExchange to collect performance royalties when your music is played on satellite radio, internet radio, etc.

4. Not copyrighting your music. It’s easy to register your music online at www.copyright.gov. This helps protect against someone stealing your work.

5. Not having a budget. A budget will help keep you on top of your financials. You have to spend money in this industry. There’s marketing, promo, studio booking, etc. You do not want to overspend which makes having a budget a necessity!

6. You give all your cookies away with nothing in return. Stop giving all of your music away for free! You are throwing away money. You paid for the beat, recording time, mixing, mastering, marketing and promo without anything in return. Its a win for them and a lose for you. It’s okay to give one or two songs away for promo but not the whole album. Collect email addresses and build a fan base otherwise you’ll be left with just crumbs.

7. You put your music career in someone else hands. It’s your career, you should be able to make your own decisions.

10 Helpful Mixing Tips to Become a Better Engineer or Producer

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The basic focus of a mix should be on the balance of the music. Whether you are an engineer or a producer, mixing is a vital part of the song process. A good mix can make or break your song. Here are a few tips that I have learned from audio engineering school:

1. When mixing it’s helpful to group instruments by type.

2. Mixing your song at a very low or loud volume can lead to a bad mix.

3. Listen to your mix on different speakers. A good mix should translate well in the car, on your computer, etc.

4. Most of the time its best to place the bass instruments in the center of your mix.

5. A way to calculate the ‘beats per second’ of a song is to count the number of beats in 15 seconds and multiply by 4. (not really a “mixing” tip but its good to know)

6. When mixing, always keep your master fader at 0 dB / unity gain.

7. Avoid clipping in your final mix. Clipping is a form of distortion which can make your song sound not so great.

8. A good EQ method for fitting instruments together in a mix is notching frequencies.  A “notch” at specific frequency can be used in subtractive EQing (ex. to remove an unwanted ringing tom sound) or in additive EQing (ex. to make a vocal with a telephone sound).

9. Allow instru­ments to have their own “space” in the frequency spectrum by using panning knobs and faders.

10. Roll off some of the low end of your kick (but not too much). This will help your kick have presence in the mix but if you roll off too much it will loose its impact.

The Loud World We Live In

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We are going deaf! huh? You didn’t hear me, CAUSE YOU’RE GOING DEAF! Most don’t realize how loud their surroundings are until their ears starts ringing. If you are listening to your mp3 player at max volume on the subway everyday you will eventually start to notice some hearing loss over a period of time.  A New York subway can ran range anywhere from 92 to 102 decibels. Adding loud music on top of that and you’re asking for hearing loss. Walking down a busy street with loud traffic (cars honking, buses, big trucks) the decibels can range from 70 to 85dB. Again, if you are blasting your music at max volume on top of loud traffic you will definitely start to notice some hearing loss over time. The best thing to do when you want to listen to your music is to listen at a low volume, especially if you are using in-ear buds which is closer to you inner ear which contains the sensory organs for hearing and balance.


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