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The Loud World We Live In

By admin on Dec 17, 2013 in Music General - Comments Off on The Loud World We Live In

We are going deaf! huh? You didn’t hear me, CAUSE YOU’RE GOING DEAF! Most don’t realize how loud their surroundings are until their ears starts ringing. If you are listening to your mp3 player at max volume on the subway everyday you will eventually start to notice some hearing loss over a period of time.  A New York subway can ran range anywhere from 92 to 102 decibels. Adding loud music on top of that and you’re asking for hearing loss. Walking down a busy street with loud traffic (cars honking, buses, big trucks) the decibels can range from 70 to 85dB. Again, if you are blasting your music at max volume on top of loud traffic you will definitely start to notice some hearing loss over time. The best thing to do when you want to listen to your music is to listen at a low volume, especially if you are using in-ear buds which is closer to you inner ear which contains the sensory organs for hearing and balance.


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