Music Making Apps The New Production Software?

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Maybe not now but maybe in the future… Technology has already change the music game and its continually evolving as we speak. Have you seen all of the latest ways to make music on your smartphone or iPad?  iMPC Pro, iMaschine, FL Studio Mobile, iSequence HD, Auria (recording and post production)… you name it – it’s probably out there but a lot of them have limited capabilities as far as exporting / importing how you want, sound quality 24 bit/16bit, MIDI output, sampling, etc.

When it comes to music thinking outside the box will make you stand out. I’m all for infusing technology with music to come up with something incredible.

The most interesting app I have seen so far is Reactable mobile. Who knows what the future holds.



5 Ways to Help Build Your Brand

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5 brandBuilding your brand is more important than ever! It can help you become more successful with music or your business. Here are some ways to help build your brand:

1. Use the same name with everything! Your email, social media, etc. It will help your fans or other people find you easily on the internet.

2. Be Unique! Being different from everyone else will help you stand out from the crowd. Creating compelling content will keep bringing them back to your site.

3. Do your homework! The more knowledge you know about your target market the better success you will have.

4. Give the people what they want! Peak their interest with a great product! Quality not quantity!

5.Be Visual! Will live in a visual world. Artwork designs and videos are more important than ever.

Bonus Tip: Give something away for free in exchange for an email address. Having a unique free opt-in option helps you generate a database to build a fan base.

4 Common Mistakes Producers Make

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1. Doing Too Much – A music producer can get lost in their own little world sometimes and can forget that an artist must be able to sing or rap on their tracks. Scaling back some of those extra busy sounds can make your music more appealing to an artist. Also, remember song structure – make sure the chorus and verse can be easily identified.

2. Buying All the Latest Gear – You don’t have to buy every new piece of gear that comes out. Master what you have already.

3. Not Knowing How to do a Basic Mix – This is a critical piece of production. Knowing how to mix will make a good song sound even better. It could possibly make or break your track.

4. Copying Other Producers Style – Be original! Be Yourself! Artists, A&R, songwriters, etc. are always looking for something new and fresh.