4 Common Mistakes Producers Make

By admin on Nov 11, 2014 in Music Business , Producers - Comments Off on 4 Common Mistakes Producers Make


1. Doing Too Much – A music producer can get lost in their own little world sometimes and can forget that an artist must be able to sing or rap on their tracks. Scaling back some of those extra busy sounds can make your music more appealing to an artist. Also, remember song structure – make sure the chorus and verse can be easily identified.

2. Buying All the Latest Gear – You don’t have to buy every new piece of gear that comes out. Master what you have already.

3. Not Knowing How to do a Basic Mix – This is a critical piece of production. Knowing how to mix will make a good song sound even better. It could possibly make or break your track.

4. Copying Other Producers Style – Be original! Be Yourself! Artists, A&R, songwriters, etc. are always looking for something new and fresh.